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Need an Islamic Display System before Ramadan in May 2019? Please don’t leave it to

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We are currently in a peak sales period alhamdulillah. If you would like to have a system arranged for your masjid please make sure you have the prayer times of your masjid available and contact us so we arrange an IDS system package that contains your own masjid prayer times inshallah.

Our IDS systems can be supplied as a stand-alone software package, or as a complete system with IDS micro-PC and different size of HD screens. Price for complete systems includes the installation if your masjid is in England or within our installation area.

We supply 5 main IDS products:

  • IDS-SW: a stand-alone software package includes a complete IDS Admin and Presentation package (Best selling product).
  • IDS-S: 20"-22" screen comes with built-in PC and complete IDS Admin and Presentation package.
  • IDS-M: 32" screen comes with seperate IDS micro-PC and complete IDS Admin and Presentation package.
  • IDS-L: 42" screen comes with seperate IDS micro-PC and complete IDS Admin and Presentation package.
  • IDS-C: a customised system consists of multi-screens, and comes with seperate IDS micro-PC and complete IDS Admin and Presentation package.


To find out the price and get a quotation of our IDS products please use the form below or the Contact page.

Need more details about IDS products, simply use the quick form below:

IDS is currently installed in the following masjids:

Hendon Islamic Centre – London

Balham mosque – London

Masjid Tauheed – London

Tooting mosque – London

Muzzamil mosque – London

Masjid Jame’a – Leicester

Masjid Bukhary – Leicester

Masjid Madani – Leicester

Masjid Ali  – Leicester

Southampton university prayer room – Southampton

Masjid Alfalah – Leicester

Masjid Alfurqan – Leicester

Masjid Perth – Perth

Masjid Azhar – Bolton

Green lane masjid – Birmingham

Masjid Malik Abdul Aziz – Pakistan

Masjid Ahl Alhadith – Halifax

Masjid Muadh – Leicester

Masjid Alkarim – Gloucester

Markaz Uloom – Rotherham

Masjid Annoor – Leicester

Heathrow Jamia Masjid – Heathrow

Brixton mosque – London

Madrasah Alfarooq – Glasgow

MAC Ottawa – Canada

Muath Trust – Birmingham

Masjid E Noor – Gloucester

Masjid Al Jannah – Slough

Portsmouth university Prayer room – Portsmouth

Jamia Islamia – Glasgow

Falkirk Islamic Centre – Falkirk

Masjid Almahd - Bradford

Edgware mosque - London

Aberdeen mosque - Aberdeen

Masjid Tawfeeq - Coventry

Alhabib Trust - Birmingham

Masjid Salafia - Huddersfield

Masjid Keighley - Keighley/Leeds

Brixton Islamic Centre - Brixton

Yemeni Community Association - Bromwich

Faizan-e-Madina -  Derby

Masjid Aisha - Leicester

ILC - Glasgow

Adam Masjig - Ontario/Canada

Masjid Ansar - Leicester

Masjid Alhidaya - Croydon

Nottingham Islamic Society - Nottingham

Masjid Al Huda - Bradford

Masjid Galashiels - Scotland

Masjid Al-Baseera - Bristol

Brixton BHIC - Brixton

Newbury mosque - Newbury

ICF - Birmingham

Darussalam mosque - Peterborough

Muslim student house - Birmingham

Arrahma Mosque - Birmingham

Masjid Attawba - Seattle/USA

Afghan Islamic Cultural Centre - London

Madinatul Uloom al-Islamyah - Bromwich

Masjid Quba - Hayes

Deen Estate - hennai/India

Masjid Alnoor - Barking

Victoria masjid - London

Masjid Azhar -South Shields

IBC - Leicester

KTBAM - London

Masjid West Bromwich - West Bromwich

Trollhattan masjid - Sweden

Masjid Alfarooq - Derby

Masjid Hikma - Birmingham

Masjid Ghausia - Accrington

Newbury Mosque - Newbury
Ahl Al-Hadith - Bradford
MAB - Glasgow
Masjid Alnoor - Barking
Essex Jame - Essex
Peckham Mosque - London
Markaz Uloom - London
Bromley By Bow - Bromley
KTBAM - Kentish Town
ADMA - Michignan
Masjid Aisha - Portugal
Lincoln central moque - Lincoln
Masjid Warith - Birmingham
Doncaster Mosque - Doncaster
Masjid Stavanger - Norway
MAC Ottawa - Canada
BBCA masjid - London
Al Ansar - Essex
Abn Abbas - London
Masjid Arraheem - Manchester
UMC - California
Al Aqsa - Dockland
Azhar - South Shield
Masjid Kokni - Luton
Riaz Farooq - Burnley
Adirampattinam - India
South London Islamic Centre - London

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