Islamic Display Systems (order now for Ramadan 2017)

About IDS

Islamic Display Systems was established in 2010 to serve the needs of displaying prayer timetables digitally on LCD screens. Having expanded to larger team under the management of IntelliScreens Ltd, IDS increased its systems capabilities as a masjid screen to offer a complete content management system to mosques and Islamic centres.

IntelliScreens develops state-of-the-art display system available commercially as “Islamic Display Systems” (IDS) for mosques and Islamic centres.

Focussed on the needs of the modern day masajids, the functionality has been built to help mosques manage its central responsibility of keeping worshippers informed. The product provides a whole host of information to visitors/worshippers including:

  • Prayer and Ramadan times
  • Customised image announcements
  • Scrolling text announcements
  • Azan and Jamaat reminders
  • Information about the mosque


The product comes with an intuitive built-in secure administrative tool so that anyone can update the information very easily, quickly and remotely when connected to a network.

In today's information centric environment, we believe this product will deliver major benefits to every mosque and Islamic centre.


If you require any further details, wish to order a system for your mosque, or would like a free demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

IDS is currently installed in the following masjids:


Hendon Islamic Centre – London

Balham mosque – London

Masjid Tauheed – London

Tooting mosque – London

Muzzamil mosque – London

Masjid Jame’a – Leicester

Masjid Bukhary – Leicester

Masjid Madani – Leicester

Masjid Ali – Leicester

Southampton university prayer room – Southampton

Masjid Alfalah – Leicester

Masjid Alfurqan – Leicester

Masjid Perth – Perth

Masjid Azhar – Bolton

Green lane masjid – Birmingham

Masjid Malik Abdul Aziz – Pakistan

Masjid Ahl Alhadith – Halifax

Masjid Muadh – Leicester

Masjid Alkarim – Gloucester

Markaz Uloom – Rotherham

Masjid Annoor – Leicester

Heathrow Jamia Masjid – Heathrow

Brixton mosque – London

Madrasah Alfarooq – Glasgow

MAC Ottawa – Canada

Muath Trust – Birmingham

Masjid E Noor – Gloucester

Masjid Al Jannah – Slough

Portsmouth university Prayer room – Portsmouth

Jamia Islamia – Glasgow

Falkirk Islamic Centre – Falkirk

Masjid Almahd - Bradford

Edgware mosque - London

Aberdeen mosque - Aberdeen

Masjid Tawfeeq - Coventry

Alhabib Trust - Birmingham

Masjid Salafia - Huddersfield

Masjid Keighley - Keighley/Leeds

Brixton Islamic Centre - Brixton

Yemeni Community Association - Bromwich

Faizan-e-Madina - Derby

Masjid Aisha - Leicester

ILC - Glasgow

Adam Masjig - Ontario/Canada

Masjid Ansar - Leicester

Masjid Alhidaya - Croydon

Nottingham Islamic Society - Nottingham

Masjid Al Huda - Bradford

Masjid Galashiels - Scotland

Masjid Al-Baseera - Bristol

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