Islamic Display Systems

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Easy to edit annual prayer times software

Using secure software and database, IDS allows you to customise your azan and jamaat times for the whole year.

Daily jamaat times always appear at the left hand side of the main screen with colour code to show the jamaat that already happened, and therefore show the jamaat time for the day after in different colour. When the five azan and jamaat occur, IDS shows an automatic notification on its main screen.

Large space for poster announcements

IDS allows for posting text announcements and image poster announcements that can be loaded from any storage media like a USB memory stick or online using DropBox.

Text announcements scroll at the bottom of the screen, while image poster announcements occupy almost the entire main screen for a time that you can specify. These announcements are proven to be the best way to approach everyone in the masjid.

Special donation screens to support your masjid

We understand the power of IDS to approach everyone in the masjid. Therefore a number of especially designed screens appear from time to time encouraging people to donate for your masjid.

This will be a mean of income for your masjid throughout the year, and every penny that was paid toward buying this IDS system and other projects in the masjid will be compensated inshallah.

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